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The news is full of disaster. Every day, we see images and hear stories of destruction, injustice, and loss. It’s real. And often, it’s heartbreaking.

Yes, we have to acknowledge our challenges, and our responsibility. We have to see the problems in order to fix them. I’m a climate scientist, and I’ve spent much of my career so far uncovering and highlighting what an indiscriminate or unexamined future may hold.

And yet…….there’s more to tell than only this part of the story. There is also incredible beauty, heroism, ingenuity, and wisdom. I firmly believe that if we are to share and act on a collective desire to repair our communities, our planet, and ourselves, that we also have to be reminded just what is amazing about it all.

And then we can not only repair, but reimagine.

Our next chapter depends on that.

So, here I share daily updates, stories, ideas, and images capturing the messy but beautiful ways in which we can imagine and create a next chapter that is better for us, better for our communities, and better for the planet. It’s a bit of environment, a bit of culture, policy, economics (etc), and a lot of middle-aged reflection on living our lives as if we, and the places we live, matter.

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Anne Waple

Climate consultant, scientist, immigrant, and middle-aged entrepreneur, Dr. Anne Waple, shares a daily note about life on this crazy and beautiful planet