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YOU are brave. THEY are scared.

That nails it.

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Amen. Don't know how to get rid of him. And I live in Florida. I can vote, but I cannot control or understand the other voters.

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We have a friend on the local school board, and she often gets calls from people expressing sympathy for her and frustration about “the crazies” who are coming out to meetings now. (They’ve had to increase security.)

She’s stopped just saying thank you and has started asking them to come themselves, and not only to come, but to speak.

She said there were more of them (us) at the last meeting than there have ever been, and that it helped. I was out of town or I would have been there. The book stuff is really nuts. And without counter voices it’s easy to assume that they are in the majority. :(

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YES! And we need to stand up right beside them. So, when they are brave enough to fight back they are not alone. When they protest at our school board meetings and capitals they are not alone. When they create social media posts and videos we, not only "like" them, but share them so they know they are not alone. When they host sick outs we applaud them so they know they are not alone. These are OUR public schools and they are not alone!

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